Welcome To Bronson Park and the Caves

Drive up Canyon Drive from Franklin. Continue on up through the gates that take you to Bronson Canyon Park. On your right is a tot lot installed by the partnership between The Oaks Association and the City of Los Angeles to provide a safe place for small children. This park added to the picnic area adjoining it makes Bronson Park the perfect place to enjoy a PicnicAtBronsonParkday with the family.

If you look to the left, you will see another fenced children’s park and more picnic benches and sweet outdoor spots to enjoy a snack and nature.

Further up on the right is a port-a-potty and a large parking lot. Park and walk up to the red painted cuOverflow parking available beyond the red intersection.rbs. Beyond this red intersection, you will see even more parking available.




Walking between these red curbs says you’re on the right track on upward into Bronson Canyon. The Bronson “Bat” Caves are up aheadĀ  on the left.




Go into this cave and through to the other side. You’re at the entrance to the Bronson “Bat” Cave. There’s one entrance and two exits right next to one another. There is much history surrounding these caves.

According to RoadsideAmerica.com, “Cave convenient to Hollywood that’s been used as a location in a million movies and TV shows, including Batman and the original Invasion of the Body Snatchers.”

You’re inside the Bronson Caves.


This was a hazy day but what a great shot – just outside of the Caves.






This map shows the entrance to the Caves, the exit out of the Caves and also a little trail head just up from the Caves.





If you walk up that little trail shown on the map, as you get to the top of the little trail, look over your shoulder and see this great shot of the Hollywood Sign. It’s small here because we felt you should know what it looks like with the naked eye.



With the use of even the simplest of zoom features, you can get a real nice shot.


Zooming in with a good lens, you can get a sweet shot. This was a hazy day and the next shots we upload to this site will be brighter.


Here’s a Youtube video about the Bronson Caves:


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