Mt. Hollywood Drive Hike

View from end of deer trailTake a shot from the end of the deer trail.¬† To get this wonderful shot of the Hollywood Sign, you’ll have to hike for a few minutes on a deer trail. Not all can do this and large groups of people might not want to chance it. Those who cannot hike, should choose the Bronson Caves up in Bronson Park for their best shot of the Hollywood Sign.

Looking up Western toward Los Feliz

You’re looking up Western Ave from Franklin Ave. Turn left up Western and stay in the left lane. You’re about to turn left up Ferndell into the park.

Los Feliz and Ferndell




Turn Left up Ferndell into the park.


Nice drive up Ferdell



This is such a sweet drive. This is a perfect place to take your family for a picnic or a stimulating walk next to the little brook that runs along this road. Park and check it all out before going for your photo opportunity hike on the Deer Trail. Take your time driving up through Ferndell Park


Trails Cafe


Hungry? Before or after a hike in Griffith Park, Trails is a great stop. This just might be the best idea you’ve had all day. Stop in for a light snack or beverage. There’s a picnic area across the street and a tot lot where the kiddies can play. This could be the beginning or the ending of a perfect day in Hollywood. Welcome to paradise.

Plenty of Parking in Ferndell Park on the left

Picnic Area

There’s even more parking up Ferndell on the left




Check out the numerous picnic spots in Ferndell Park. There are many more as you venture throughout Griffith Park. Enjoy and remember, no smoking, no fire, okay? If you’re traveling with children, Ferndell Park and Griffith Park should be high on your list of things to do while in Hollywood.

Ferdell Park Tot Lot


On your right, near the picnic grounds is a great tot lot. There are many of these in Ferndell and Griffith Park.



Roadway to Mt. Hollywood Rd.The roadway through Ferndell Park widens and the scenery changes. You are now in Griffith Park headed toward parking areas, many trails, Griffith Park Observatory, and the Greek Theater.


View of the Griffith Park Observatory


If you pull over on your way to Mt. Hollywood Drive, you can get shots of the Griffith Park Observatory.




Zooming in on the Griffith Park ObservatoryPark here to start your hikeA view of Mt. Hollywood Using a modest zoom, you can get a nice shot of the Griffith Park Observatory. Why not stop in and plan to see a show? Another ‘must do’ for your stay in Hollywood.



Park here before you actually reach Mt. Hollywood Road. At Mt. Hollywood Road, you will only have two choices: to the left and through the tunnel takes you to the Greek Theater, to the right up the hill takes you to the Griffith Park Observatory with its parking, bathrooms and view spots.


This is a view of where Ferndell stops. The road at the top going to the left is Mt. Hollywood Dr. No cars permitted but it’s wide, paved and ready for the beginning of your hike.


Looking up Mt. Hollywood Drive, you’re ready to begin your short hike to the Deer Trail. Remember, no smLooking up Mt. Hollywood Dr.oking or cooking. This is a short, sweet hike past the water tower and out to the end of the Deer Trail which overlooks Bronson Caves.

Mt. Hollywood Drive


The roadway to the trailhead is wide and pleasant. From the fire gate to the trail head is a very short walk.



Keep walking on Mt. Hollywood Drive but don’t miss some of the great scenery on your way.

Further on Mt. Hollywood Dr.

Photo from Mt. Hollywood Dr.







Here’s a photo from Mt. Hollywood Drive. You can see how many trails there are in these wonderful hills. People that live here for years are still discovering deer trails for the very first time. Don’t forget to bring water, sun block, a few munchies and a cell phone.

You’re almost to the trailhead. There’s a trash can on the left so please don’t liter.

Almost thereSign visibleOn the left - trailhead







You’re getting close when you can see the sign peaking out between the trees. While hiking to get this shot, I heard a gasp of delight come from one of the tourists as the sign became visible to her. Delight is the same in any language.


You’re approaching the trailhead on the left. Remember to use that trash can for any liter you have. Never hike alone. If you must, just let them know you’re taking the Mt. Hollywood Deer trail and give them the link to this website.

Standing on Mt. Hollywood Dr at trailheadView from the beginning of hikeTrailhead



Standing on Mt. Hollywood Dr. at the trailhead, you are in full view of the sign. It gets even better.


If you’re like many tourists, you’ll want to start taking shots of the Hollywood Sign right away:





This is the trailhead. But you knew that because there’s the trashcan on the left and the Hollywood Sign on your right.


Trail leads to tower

Walk towards the water tower. It’s at the end of this wide trail.




Scenic view of trails


Other trails can be seen while hiking. Griffith Park is a hiker’s dream.


Take the trail to the right


Stay on this trail until you get to the water tower.


Hikers on the Trail

Getting close to water tower



These hikers have just taken the hike you’re taking.



You’re almost to the water tower. You’ll be looking for a small deer trail on the right as you pass that water tower.


water tower


Pass the water tower on the right and look for the little deer trail.




You’re at the actual deer trail. Follow this carefully stopping once in a while to take a shot of the surroundings.

Deer trail continuesDeer trail head




steep part



That’s the deer trail. It continues for a while but take your time. Be careful and please, don’t leave this trail. The hillsides are very soft and slippery



This is the short steep spot in the trail. Be careful. The journey is worth a linarrowttle bit of effort.




view is getting even better

Stay on this narrow trail. You’re almost there. While on this narrow trail, take a moment to catch a shot of the Hollywood Sign.


zoom in




Using your zoom feature, get a close up of that sign. Getting good, right?




Running on the deer trail




Okay, this trail is so fun, some like to jog on it.





Nearing the endThe photos get better, the closer one gets to the end of this deer trail.



You’re approaching the very end of the trail.

We approach end of trail











Shot from end of trail
This is one of the best shots you can get of the Hollywood Sign. This zoom was taken from the end of the deer trail.











Simple shot from end of trail
This shot was taken with no special lens from the end of the trail. You can do even better.










Close up from end of trail
With help from a zoom lens, this is the best shot one can get from the end of the Deer Trail. Please consider using this area to get your special photograph. There’s room at the end of the Deer Trail for a few people to gather and get their picture taken with the Sign in the backgraound. Stay tuned for examples of those shots.












From the end of the trail - Bronson Caves
From the end of the trail, look down and see the exit area of the Bronson “Bat” Caves.










Observatory from end of deer trail
Off in the distance, you’ll see the Griffith Park Observatory. Don’t forget to pay a visit and maybe watch a show. The views are great from the Observatory and there are bathrooms and water fountains.











City View from Trail End.
From the end of the Deer Trail, you can see Downtown Los Angeles. On a very clear day, you can actually see Catalina Island. If you have time, take a day trip there on a boat. You’ll never forget the experience. We’ll try to cover that here in the coming months.












Don't forget nature
While you hike, photograph, enjoy the scenery and get your exercise, please don’t forget to notice living nature. There were so many red tail hawk and other birds that it was hard to resist making them the focal point of the photo shoot. Enjoy.

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