Welcome to Ferndell Park

Don't Smoke in Griffith Park

This poster is on the left as you drive up into Ferndell Park. But let’s go back to the beginning of this journey to Ferndell Park. From Franklin at Western Ave., turn left (north) and follow Los Feliz from the left lane of traffic. Looking up Western toward Los Feliz

Drive up Western – stay in the left lane and get ready to turn left up Ferndell and into the park.




Los Feliz and Ferndell


Drive up into the park.



After taking this left turn, you’ll pass that Smokey the Bear sign on your left. That’s a reminder that you are entering a fire danger area. There is NO smoking allowed in Griffith Park.Don't Smoke in Griffith Park


Take your time driving up through Ferndell Park

Nice drive up FerdellTrails Cafe







Hungry? Before or after a hike in Griffith Park, Trails is a great stop.





Plenty of Parking in Ferndell Park on the leftYou can park on Ferndell and if it’s a busy day at the park, there’s even more parking up Ferndell on the left.



Great picnic spots throughout Ferndell Park and Griffith Park.

Picnic Area




Tot lot in Ferdell ParkOn your way up into the park, on your right is a wonderful tot lot for the kids.


After your day in this park, maybe you will want to take the Mt. Hollywood Drive Hike.

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