Upper Beachwood Access CLOSED Great shot from outside the caves Don't Smoke in Griffith Park View from end of deer trail

Hiking UP To the Hollywood Sign

Here’s a really responsible and informative, step by step guide to the Hollywood Sign for hikers. You won’t see any signs so pay close attention to the detailed instructions given by this avid hiker.

Susan & Michael Moss Hike to the Hollywood Sign from Bronson

This YouTube video takes you on a hike at the hottest part of the day to get from the parking lot in Bronson Park all the way up to the Hollywood Sign. You may note that there aren’t any real signs to let you know which way to turn and when but Susan and Michael […]

Shuttle Rides Offered to Tourists

Now THIS is the way to see the Hollywood Sign – price is right and no traffic drama! Don’t miss this new shuttle experience.

Upper Beachwood Access CLOSED

If you were thinking, “I’ll just get a closer look at the Hollywood Sign. All these website are sending me to upper Beachwood.” you’ll end up wasting valuable hours of your vacation and hiking time. The gate that leads to Sunset Ranch and Griffith Park is being rebuilt. This could take up to six months. […]

History Detectives Investigate Hollywood Sign

This is a fascinating walk through the history of the Hollywood Sign. Enjoy! http://www.pbs.org/opb/historydetectives/investigation/hollywood-sign/

Welcome To Bronson Park and the Caves

Drive up Canyon Drive from Franklin. Continue on up through the gates that take you to Bronson Canyon Park. On your right is a tot lot installed by the partnership between The Oaks Association and the City of Los Angeles to provide a safe place for small children. This park added to the picnic area […]

Welcome to Ferndell Park

This poster is on the left as you drive up into Ferndell Park. But let’s go back to the beginning of this journey to Ferndell Park. From Franklin at Western Ave., turn left (north) and follow Los Feliz from the left lane of traffic.  Drive up Western – stay in the left lane and get […]

Mt. Hollywood Drive Hike

Take a shot from the end of the deer trail.  To get this wonderful shot of the Hollywood Sign, you’ll have to hike for a few minutes on a deer trail. Not all can do this and large groups of people might not want to chance it. Those who cannot hike, should choose the Bronson […]

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